PDQ-XRF® and RockEye® Integrated

FIT Geochemical Data Previewer

A unique approach placing the entire well bore history on one viewer that includes:

Figure 1: FIS Geochemical Data Previewer

Benefits of FIT "One Viewer" Approach

  • • The same sample of rock is analyzed at each step, preserving the interrelationships among rock type, rock chemistry and fluid type
  • • The analysis is conducted on the entire bore hole from first returns to TD
  • • Lithology profiles in the absence of, or in place of, well site lithology descriptions
  • • Distribution and relative abundance of cements
  • • Cuttings volatile analysis for hydrocarbons and non-hydrocarbons
  • • Chemical stratigraphy for correlation in monotonous vertical or horizontal sections
  • • Depositional environment, facies, provenance
  • • High resolution photography in both white light and under UV excitation
  • • Elemental analysis of rock material via X-ray Fluorescence
  • • Rock behavior relevant to completion (e.g., siliceous vs. clay rich)

Key Strengths

  • • Process is automated
  • • Small sample requirements: 2-5 g washed
  • • All analyses are conducted on the same sample with up to 575 samples per well
  • • Fast response - analytical cycle of four days from preparation (washing, loading, etc.)