Regional Studies Overview

FIT has built an extensive library of "Multi-client Regional FIS Studies" over the years. These studies provide high-value FIS data on a shared cost basis.

The main benefits of this library of FIS data for our clients include:

  • • Value for money: Cost sharing of the FIS data among clients, providing a lower cost per well for the FIS data contained
  • • Instant data: Having a ready-made FIS dataset available for instant purchase.
  • • Unique Well-Sample Access: FIT has considerable expertise in negotiating potentially difficult access to well-samples from government organizations and IOC's, for the equitable benefit of all parties.
  • • Fluid Inclusion GCMS / CSIA extract data modules: This additional high value data has now become a standard provision as part of the FIS regional studies.
  • • Collaboration: The FIT study group meetings and presentations provide a forum for collaboration and controlled data sharing between the client companies.