PDQ-XRF® is an X-ray Fluorescence technique that provides elemental analysis of cuttings to be compared with FIS, petrography and photography in order to evaluate rock and cement types, interpolate spot trends defined by petrography to other portions of the data set, and used as a stratigraphic tool for well-to-well correlation and for retrospective horizontal wellbore mapping.


  • • Provides lithologic & stratigraphic framework
  • • Designed to be used in conjunction with FIS
  • • Evaluates more than 30 major, minor, trace elements
  • • Estimate mineralogical and chemical markers between wells
  • • Applicable to rocks of any age and type
  • • Effectively integrate with biostratigraphic information


  • • Chemical stratigraphy for correlation in monotonous vertical or horizontal sections
  • • Depositional environment, diagenesis, facies and provenance
  • • Distribution and relative abundance of cements
  • • Rock behavior relevant to completion (e.g., siliceous vs. clay rich)