The Gas Cannibal

The Gas Cannibal is a constant volume pneumatic gas extractor. It maintains constant head space, thus virtually eliminates variations in gas readings due to pit level fluctuations (a common problem with fixed traps). The rugged design insures thousands of hours of maintenance free operation. The instrument has optimized performance resulting from comparative testing with other common gas extractors.


  • • Auto leveling mechanism insures consistent gas extraction
  • • Fully automated system allows long term, continuous operation, unmanned operation
  • • Can be used in conjunction with any well site gas analyzer and flow system
  • • Intrinsically safe. Modular design allows assembly/change-out in minutes

Technical Specs

  • • Mud level maintained to within 1/4 inch of setpoint
  • • 12" automatic mud height compensation plus 7" manual adjustment allow 19" of usable range
  • • Explosion proof 120/240 VAC (50/60 Hz) electric or air driven motor. Operates internationally
  • • Sealed bearings insure thousands of maintenance free hours
  • • Small footprint: fits into an 8" diamter well
  • • Combined weight: 83 lbs (three modules with max weight of 41 lbs)