DQ1000™ Overview

What is the DQ1000™ Mass Analyzer?

The DQ1000™ is a portable quadrupole mass analyzer for use on drilling wells. It analyzes C1-C10 petroleum species, and inorganic compounds such as CO2, He, N2, O2 and sulfur bearing volatiles. It can discriminate among paraffins, naphthenes and aromatics (BTEX compounds) and contributions from the drilling fluid. It can be remotely monitored and maintained; thus can be essentially run unmanned. Data transfer can be accomplished via satellite uplink.

The instrument has a 90 second cycle time, and baseline sensitivity of 0.1 ppm for C4+ species (with some limitations). Fragmentation without pre-separation via a GC creates some challenges, but is more than compensated for by sensitivity, speed, and breadth of chemical analysis with a single instrument.

Applications of the DQ1000™

Key applications center on defining petroleum type and quality, fluid contacts, porosity/permeability, proximity to charge and compartmentalization. The instrument has been found to be useful in both conventional and unconventional reservoirs, and has been run in virtually all major shale plays in the USA with great success.

An interface for Isotech's isotube autoloader is available, which allows intelligent collection of gas samples based on a set of prescribed criteria (depth, chemistry, event). Sampling can even be triggered remotely.