Below you will find downloads for brochures and FIT related software.

Print Quality Brochures

FIT Brochure 2012 - An all encompassing brochure, covering all of our products and services.

FIS - Fluid Inclusion Stratigraphy.

FIS Applications - Describes a few of the many applications of Fluid Inclusion Stratigraphy.

Fluid Inclusion Petrography and Microthermometry - An overview of our petrographic and microthermetric services.

The DQ1000 Gas Analyzer - Information on our on-site mass spectromemeter/gas analyzer.

The Gas Cannibal Gas Extractor - Our in house designed gas extractor.

FIS (Chinese translation) - Fluid Inclusion Stratigraphy (Chinese).

Rapid XRF, High Resolution Photography & Cuttings Analysis of Entire Wellbore - An overview of our X-Ray Fluorescene and Photography systems and services

NEW SERVICE: PetroFecta - Unique approach combining XRF (PDQ-XRF®), Trapped Fluid Analysis (FIS®), and High Resolution Photography (RockEye®) of the entire wellbore from well cuttings or core samples of any age.

Regional Studies - Exclusive & Multi-client Regional Geochemical Evaluations.

DQ1000 Downloads

DQ1000 Monitor - Software for remotely monitoring a DQ1000

DQ1000 Monitor instructions - Information on setting up the monitor software for the DQ1000

DQ1000 Manual - Complete operations manual for the Dq1000

Published Articles

Reservoir Issue 6 - Advanced Mud Gas and Rock-Fluid Analysis Aids Evaluation of North American Unconventional Plays

World Oil April 2013 issue - Application of cuttings gas/oil analysis, rapid XRF and high-resolution photography to reservoir evaluation

Shale Shaker June 13, 2013 Edition - Combining Advanced Mud-Gas And Rock-Fluid Analysis To Aid Exploration And Development In Unconventional Plays

Hart Energy E&P July 2013 Edition - Analysis Aids Evaluation of Unconventional Plays

AAPG Explorer May 2014 Edition - Free at Last! Unlocking Trapped Volatiles: Finding a niche in fluid inclusion