Offering laboratory analysis of trapped pore fluids, and real time chemical profiling of mud gas at well site.

FIT is a petroleum industry service company specializing in chemical evaluation of micron-sized trapped fluid samples in rock material and analysis of entrained volatiles in drilling fluids (mud gas) with direct quadrapole mass spectrometry.

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Lab Services

Fluid Inclusion Stratigraphy: evaluation of cuttings, core or outcrop material for C1-C13 organic/inorganic compounds

Fluid Inclusion Petrography: microscopic evaluation of rock material for oil, gas, and aqueous inclusions

Microthermometry: quantitative measurement of API gravity, temperature and salinity

PDQ-XRF® : Continuous elemental analysis of rock

RockEye® : High Resolution Photography of every rock sample in white light and UV excitation

Wellsite Services

DQ 1000 Chemical Profiler: analysis of borehole gas while drilling for C1-C10 organic/inorganic compounds via Direct Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry

The Gas Cannibal: constant volume gas extraction system for mud gas analysis

Regional Studies

Regional Studies

• Non-exclusive (multi-client), geographically focused data sets

• Studies include FIS, fluid inclusion petrography and microthermometry, regional summary, maps, and raw data

• Consulting available for integration with proprietary data

• Optional Fluid Inclusion GCMS/CSIA module dependent on FIS results

FIT Applications

In The Field

Chemical analysis of mud gas

Constant volume gas extractor

Isotube autoloader interface

In The Lab

Analysis of trapped volatiles in rock

Temperature, API gravity and salinity

Biomarker and isotopic analysis of fluid inclusions

FIT News

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MEOS 2015: March 9-11

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AAPG Annual Conference: May 31-June 3

EAGE Annual Conference: June 1-4

SPWLA 2015: July 18-22

Training Classes Offered

DQ1000 operation and maintenance (3 days)